Serenata NetHotel Modules

The following diagram illustrates the modular structure of the NetHotel product suite. Click the respective module for more information.


Serenata NetHotel provides the CRM tools required to build a comprehensive, customer-centric view of the hotel business.

Serenata NetHotel Profile Management

Build lasting relationships with your guests.

Central and effective management and consolidation of your customer profiles: Maintain, control and distribute profiles across the hotel chain. Profile details include guest preferences, purchasing habits, payment and guest card details, stays, revenue and other relevant information.

The quality of guest profiles is managed centrally and implemented across the chain. Profile updates are automatically redistributed to the PMS systems of all subscribers. This ensures accurate profile information and guest recognition across all touch points, from the top management to the front desk staff. From an extra pillow, a special diet or the preferred guest card - the information is globally available, consistent, and always up to date.

Central guest management – The Dashboard displays all important guest information at one glance.

Serenata NetHotel Guest Newsletter Portal

Custom newsletter portal: Subscribe to the wishes of your customers.

Implement a newsletter registration process which meets all privacy requirements and seamlessly integrates with the hotel group's website in terms of corporate identity, look and feel. Guests can select their preferred subscriptions, provide their contact details and optionally share their preferences. Newly subscribed guests can automatically be created and stored as "prospects" in the central profile database.

In addition, existant subscribers can manage their subscription from each mailing and fine-tune their preferences rather than doing a legal opt-out. This does improve customer perception as well as your recipient list being always up-to-date.

NetHotel Guest Newsletter Portal accessed from smart phone. Guests can select their subscriptions, provide their contact details and share their preferences.

Serenata NetHotel Campaign Management

Communication that convinces customers.

Serenata NetHotel Campaign enables the Sales, Marketing, and Management team to plan, assess and execute targeted marketing campaigns. The web-based solution takes advantage of the collected customer data for guest profiles, reservations, stays, revenues and guest preferences. The integrated email engine allows for the automatic generation of pre-arrival and post-stay communication.

Serenata NetHotel Campaign is available for guest and sales campaigns (only with Serenata NetHotel Sales).

The display of images and texts can be adapted completely as required based on gender, age, number and type of stays, season, indicated preferences, etc.

Serenata NetHotel CRM Reporting

Find out what your guests do and what they don't do.

Serenata NetHotel is accompanied by a web-based reporting tool which analyzes, filters and evaluates your customer details, such as booking behavior, guest preferences, stay patterns, top producers, brand refusers, etc. An entire set of standard reports provides information on all corners of the NetHotel solution and answers to your questions, such as:

  • Who are our customers? What is their geographic (nationality, country, state, citiy) and demographic (age group, gender) profile?
  • What are their likes and what are their dislikes? Guest preferences? What makes guests come to our hotels? What are their spending patterns, their cultural likes, etc.?
  • How is our profile quality and what can we do to enhance it?
    Frequently, CRM strategies fail for lack of information on profiles, even with frequent guest profiles.

CRM Reporting provides detailed guest-related information on all corners of the NetHotel solution, including the chosen add-on modules.

Identify your high-revenue guests. Our CRM reports provide all possible query options for filtering and segmenting the guest information.

Serenata NetHotel Guest Loyalty

Score points with your customers.

Optimize brand recognition by establishing a loyalty program to reward your faithful customers. Loyalty points can be earned based on revenue, nights or number of stays. Serenata NetHotel Guest Loyalty supports the integration with marketing partners (co-marketing program support) and provides web service based open interfaces for third-party companies.

Serenata NetHotel Guest Member Portal

Make your guests feel special.

Make your guests feel special. As part of the Guest Loyalty module, there is the option to establish a customized online member portal. Depending on the modules in use, guests can log in, sign up as members, maintain their personal profile data, change their passwords or check their membership details and generate reports. For new customers, the system can assign member IDs and passwords automatically.

For the best user experience, the Serenata IntraWare approach includes responsive design and personalized dynamic content.

Our client-branded guest portals use responsive design and provide guests with an optimal viewing experience from smart phone (left), tablet to PC (right).

Serenata NetHotel Guest Member Portal + Loyalty module. Card holders log in, check their card and profile details and redeem awards.

Serenata NetHotel Social Media

Maximize your marketing power and gain deeper customer insights.

The NetHotel Social module supplements the Serenata NetHotel CRM solution with customer-specific and hotel-based data from social networks.

For this purpose, the guest portal of the hotel group is linked directly with the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn (as the hotel group wishes). Members of the hotel group can link their guest profile directly with their social network account.

Guests profit from the simplified login by single sign-on – the hotel group increases its presence in the net.

Serenata NetHotel Sales

Keep track of your success.

Comprehensive key account management, tailor-made for the hotel industry with profile-, contact- and activity management. With detailed and up-to-date information, the solution will give you great leverage for your daily negotiations – from managing your key accounts and agents and viewing the actual production figures – to keeping an eye on all contracts.

Serenata NetHotel Sales offers the complete function set required for operating all areas of your chain-wide sales processes.

Serenata NetHotel Business Intelligence

Turn your data into knowledge and boost your bottom line.

Base your decisions on up-to-date information you receive daily from all linked properties. Querying and analyzing the information stored in the NetHotel data warehouse ensures quick and efficient reporting. It provides a clear picture of company-wide productivity and other crucial figures and also enables detailed and up-to-date comparisons of your properties.

The combination of past, current, and future data provided by the central database opens the door for highly analytical interactive reporting to analyze, evaluate and control the development of a hotel group.

All the figures at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere.

Serenata IntraWare CRM Consulting

Turn "Big Data" into "Big Dollars" with our top notch CRM consultants.

Serenata IntraWare CRM Consulting is crucial for getting the best out of your data and for really profiting from NetHotel. Based on your individual data, comprehensive analyses, strategic communication workshops and continuous support will help maximize your CRM success. Especially in the era of “big data,” it is immensely important to identify and know the weaknesses and strength of your own guest data and to examine the status quo on a regular basis. We will support you in optimizing your marketing strategy and to use NetHotel even more effectively.