Serenata NetHotel®

Central customer relationship management (CRM) solution for hotel chains

Serenata IntraWare provides a leading centralized solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tailor-made to the hospitality industry. With Serenata NetHotel, hotel groups can intensify their enterprise-wide marketing, improve customer service to loyal guests and achieve significant revenue increases. The basis for this is a highly sophisticated profile management process which is established by synchronizing vital guest data across the property management and central reservation systems in use.

Recognize your BEST guests.

With Serenata NetHotel you create your own individual CRM strategy based on intelligent guest management and by establishing guest recognition, CRM-based reporting and targeted campaigns. The scalable solution allows you to integrate a loyalty module, establish your own guest member and/or newsletter portal and to use analytic business intelligence to evaluate your enterprise-wide development and productivity.

Serenata NetHotel helps to build lasting relationships with your guests. Increase the number of loyal guests, maximize profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction.